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Cave des Roches Champignonnière, ville souterraine

40 route des Roches
41400 Bourré
Telefon : 02 54 32 95 33
Fax : 02 54 32 42 99
The Mushroom Farm

The Cave des Roches at Bourré is the only example in the world of the complete production of different varieties of mushroom at 50 metres underground. The farm covers 120 kilometres of galleries on seven levels.

The old-fashioned cultivation methods, in a natural atmosphere at 13°C, produce a mushroom unrivalled in terms of flavour, with a guaranteed vitamin content.

Total production amounts to over 100 tonnes of mushrooms a year, entirely hand-picked. Specialising in top quality mushrooms, the Cave des Roches offers a varied selection (pied bleu, shitake, oyster, horse, old-fashioned button mushrooms... etc.).

For example, the Cave des Roches is responsible for 40% of world pied bleu mushroom production, principally destined either for the best starred restaurants in France or exported to New York, Tokyo, London, Geneva... and to new markets in Europe and Canada.

A visit to the mushroom farm last approximately 1 hour. It can also be combined with a visit to the Tufa Quarry and the Underground Town. At the end of your visit, there is a shop offering a range of products produced on site, souvenirs and other regional specialities.
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Cave des Roches Champignonnière, ville souterraine
Adresse :
40 route des Roches
41400 Bourré
Telefon :
02 54 32 95 33
Fax :
02 54 32 42 99
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